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Re: Orson Scott Card "Please don't boycott my film!"

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There still has to be laws that allow for the dissolution of that coupling.
Well, here we come to our core philosophical difference. I don't think the government should handle the joining and dissolution of sexual partners. I don't see why there has to be a law there. Have laws for child custody, for property ownership, for whatever other issue you'd LIKELY name but don't get involved with the union and dissolution of couples. That's what I'd like.

I really do think this hit it right on the nose...
Well, I think you've been paying absolutely zero attention if you feel that way and I see no reason to engage you in further discussion if you're just going to sling irrelevant abuse and allegations my way.
You're right, for simply sexual partners, yea, nobody should be involved, you go into a room, take off your clothes and have a good time, there should be no need for anything. However, in a long term relationship, where you build a life together, maybe raise kids or buy a home and car and business, you need to involve the Legal system which is Government
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