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Re: Orson Scott Card "Please don't boycott my film!"

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If marriage wasn't a legal institution then divorce obviously wouldn't be either for fuck's sake. I mean... I thought that kinda went without saying? If two people aren't legally bound, then they won't need to be legally separated.

Once two people start living together they become legally entangled, more so if children and assets are involved. There still has to be laws that allow for the dissolution of that coupling.

So what does it matter it those laws are under the header of "marriage"?

I really do think this hit it right on the nose...

BillJ wrote:
Here is how I see it: you tap dance because you don't believe homosexuals deserve the same treatment under current laws. You obfuscate because you know there's absolutely no chance that current marriage laws will ever be repealed.

So you can claim to take the moral high-ground while being comfortable in the knowledge that some people are denied rights that are available to others.
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