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Re: Klingon-Federation War of 2372-3

Don't be afraid of drawing conclusions, Sran, based on little or no data! That's what this board is all about! This isn't a standardized test or a scientific article - this is just for fun. What else is there to do? We only have what was depicted in the episodes, and we extrapolate to all kinds of weird and wonderful conclusions from what little we have. If you don't want to draw a conclusion, what's the point of discussing it? If you're only going to contribute by saying we can't conclude x, y or z, why stick around? That's only going to end the discussion. Where's the fun in that?

Anyway, we normally only have the Enterprise to show us what's going on in the galaxy, and that's pretty much always the case, but that's no reason to limit what we can conclude. "Yesterday's Enterprise" says that, despite a prolonged war with the Klingons, Starfleet designed and built the Galaxy-class ships. That's a fact, we saw it on screen. I conclude then, that, the Galaxy-class is a robust design that Starfleet thought would stand up well to the Klingon ships. In one timeline, it's an exploration vessel. In another timeline, it's a battleship. In both timelines, it's laid out the same, with identical weapons and defensive systems. So, during the short war with the Klingons in the 24th century, I imagine the Galaxy-class ships fared exactly as well in battle as they were seen to do so in "YE" - i.e., not great if they're outnumbered by 3-to-1 or worse. In the wider war, apparently Starfleet just didn't distinguish itself well enough to hold the Klingons off. Maybe they didn't have inspired leadership, maybe they had a string of bad luck, or maybe the Klingons really are badasses, despite their regular depiction as loud-mouth wusses who can get their asses handed to them by skinny Bajoran women and middle-aged Irishmen. Maybe the Klingons just outnumber the Federation 1000-to-1. Who knows? Only the writers, and they're not saying.

We do have what the alternate Picard told Captain Garrett - that Starfleet Command saw defeat as unavoidable within 6 months. Whatever else we know about the YE timeline, the fact is the Klingons effectively won that war (unless an alternate Ben Sisko had a plan to draw the alternate Romulans into the war within the next 6 months).

Anyway, lighten up - it's a discussion board, not a scientific conference. I'm not holding my posting here to the same high standards I hold my work.
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