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Re: Why The Hate For Superman Returns?

Gathered some links on online articles in regards to SR. They are old and some of the source sites have been taken down. Don't throw too many stones at me. Fascinating read though.

SR the homage to Donner's films, Romantic story, for the Devil Wears Prada audience

Also Singer is a big Trekkie and was in ST NEM. Do you think he should fill the void left by Abrams? I think this is something Singer can do and WELL.

Singer on X-Men and missed opportunities with Superman

Full article

If given another chance Singer said he would be a true reboot. Casting Nicholas Hoult (Beast Xmen first class/ Jack the Giant Slayer) as Superman/Clark Kent.

Full article

Here is a summary of the SR sequel that was never made. The source link from IESB has been taken down however.
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