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I personally loved the gameplay. I thought the controls were fantastic. I never really experienced supply shortages until very late in the game. I've played through it 3 times now, and have NEVER been lost, not even the first time. It seemed to me that it was obvious where to go. Maybe even a little TOO linear in places. I would have liked to explore the world a lot more.

Also, maybe I'm forgetting something, or maybe its because I read all of the artifacts and things, but I was fairly sure that I knew you couldn't strangle clickers very early in the game. Possibly before one even showed up. In most instances, you can sneak around them anyway without having to dispatch them.

In short, for me, it was ALL good. It even turned out to be LONGER than I was expecting.
It's not getting seriously lost. Like, you come out of the capitol building and Ellie says "We can go down those stairs!" Um, what stairs? I don't see any. So I go off in the other direction looking for stairs. That ends up a dead end. By the time I can come back soldiers have come out of the capitol building and I have to get through them.

The game is super-linear, but sometimes there are these little side areas just there for scenery but you can get into easily, and have outlets that it looks like you should be able to get into but really can't.

With SMTIV about to come out I might rather watch the rest of this on Youtube than play through it. Or just kick it down to easy so I can focus on getting challenge from games with better gameplay like XCOM or SMTIV. Games like Arkham City and Deus Ex HR just handle stealth so much better.
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