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Bill Morris
Re: Allow Myself to Introduce...Myself

My public LCARS GUI project already has some science apps, and the development version generates schematics, using its own specialized markup language. So some tidbits of information I find on TrekBBS, not only related to Star Trek but also to science in general, end up contributing to its content. I always keep my eyes open for the unexpected discovery or just something that gives up a good idea. Sometimes it's just finding out that I had some small detail wrong.

Before joining, I had heard the term chat room but didn't really know what an Internet forum was. I did some searching to see if there were any related to Star Trek, found some dead ones, then read about TrekBBS on Wikipedia, actually, and looked around quite a bit before actually joining and making my first post.

My contribution to the board overall is small, since I rarely watch TV (Trek is an exception), but I do like to at least look in on the Science and Technology board, now that there is one.
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