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Re: Why The Hate For Superman Returns?

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Routh looked the part. However Singer gave the man very little dialogue as either Clark or Supes and admitted he told Routh to play it like Chris Reeve. Wrong, wrong wrong.

I always suspected this, but until now, assumed it was only my opinion. I didn't know Singer admitted it.
Not exactly the worst idea in the world, if what you're doing is intended to loosely be in some kind of continuity with the Donner films. Because Reeve is Superman in those films, it creates the impression that, in that continuity, Superman is like Reeve.

Just imagine, for example, if Star Trek Into Darkness had had a Khan who was played like Ricardo Montalban.

Wrong wrong wrong!

Because bald time-traveling Romulans cause people in cryosleep to stop acting like Ricardo Montalban. This has been proven by science.
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