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Re: POLL: Babylon 5 or Stargate SG-1?

I have a similar question when I watch both series:

Was Jesus a Vorlon?

Was Jesus a Goa'uld?

I guess both series had bills to pay, they couldn't state anything directly.
But it's funny having them both imply every other religion was aliens messing around with us......all

Anyway, I find Stargate a lot more "light" and Vanilla than Babylon 5. For the first few seasons it's Captain Sarcastic in space.
For the final few seasons its "What do we do without captain sarcastic....."
It can be funny though, with RDA's improvisations it feels like a straight sci-fi comedy sometimes, which is its strength rather than campy Alien overlords with their evil shiny eyes.

B5 is a lot deeper and requires a lot more attention. It's hard going sometimes, but the rewards are there if you drag yourself through some of the crap episodes.
Even when something seems standalone and boring, it usually comes back again to give you a pleasant feeling for sticking with it.
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