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Re: Why The Hate For Superman Returns?

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The other was a situation created by Superman's own action of leaving earth for 5 years and not even saying goodbye to the so called love of his life. The world didn't stop Supes. It moved on without you as did Lois. Get over it.
The events in this film take place over the course of maybe a week. Can a guy have maybe a week to get over it before people start bitching?

I liked that James Marsden didn't play the asshole boyfriend. He was a geniunely good guy who deserved the relationship. I think that's a very rare thing in films.

Problem with Superman Returns is that Superman is a wimp overall in that film. It became clear in the film that without his powers he is nothing. Instead he should also have that Supercharacter, being a great guy with extreme will power even without any of his superpowers.
A movie aiming low should not be praised for hitting that target.
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