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Re: Why The Hate For Superman Returns?

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At least Cavil can be considers a star in MoS. Where Routh felt like a supporting character in his own movie.
Funny -- I felt that Cavill's Superman was a supporting character in a movie about the heroic actions of Jor-El, Last Father of Krypton, and his allies the United States military. Cavill was fantastic in the part; I felt he was the most convincing Superman since Reeve. But the damn script wouldn't let him be Superman, except occasionally like in that great sequence where he surrendered to the military and spoke to Lois.

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I don't get this. Superman snaps Zod's neck and people shrug.
Seriously? You must not have been reading the same Internet I have. I've heard far more outrage and debate about that than I remember hearing about Routh's super-voyeurism.
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