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Re: Larry Nemecek to announce new book

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The Star Trek Star Charts were a massive flop in 2002. What makes them think something so similar will do any better in 2013?
At the time of books like Star Charts and Starship Spotter, Pocket was reluctant to invest enough to make those books really high in quality, which limited their appeal to collectors. This sounds like it's going to be a classier, fancier work, more of a collector's item like Federation: The First 150 Years. So they're probably gambling that investing more in the work will make it more appealing and successful.

Especially when the old maps and star charts are just a Google image search away, along with several high quality fan-made maps of Trek space.
If you're just looking for information, sure, an online map could be useful. If you're looking for a collector's item or a coffee-table book or a poster for your wall, that's a different matter.
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