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Re: Vorik the Ponfarr Vulcan

eh, I posted that on my phone on a train and it took me like 20 minutes to touchface it out, it was horrible. And I couldn't add any ameliorating emoticons which I would normally do since I only rag on spelling if something dirty comes to mind, not if someone is just spelling with wrongness.

People used to live to 50 and they didn't hit puberty at 7. In fact they came of reproduction age often later than we do today because we eat better. Add in alien-ness and I don't think we can speculate that living longer means childhood is longer. Adolescence has been extended for humans because of economy and sociological reasons, not because we now live longer.

Klingons grow up quicker, but live longer.

The Vulcan kids in ST:XI were snotty shits, but they were school kids, doing seemingly advanced studies. No way were they ready for pon farr. We only saw the boys (what was up with THAT?! do they segregate them??) but I can't imagine a girl a couple years older than them bearing and raising children. Much less ALL of them doing so.

I think something gets switched on in their brains to bring on pon farr and it happens into early adulthood, whatever that means for Vulcans. 20's I will assume. Prior to that you just have secondary sex characteristics and vague horniness which reading The Teaching of Surak will put a nice damper on.

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