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Re: Vorik the Ponfarr Vulcan

You shouldn't make fun of people with a stutter, even if they are an asshole.

Let's define a Vulcan child.

The emotional development of an emotionally stagnant/devoid creature?

Logic trumps childhood.

The intellectual development of a creature with the potential for an IQ 4 to 5 times that of a "normal" human being.

So what we're really looking at here is Stewie Griffen.

A child's body with a completely adapted healthy Vulcan adults mental/emotional acuity and composure by the age of... 6 months?

A few years. Maybe three? I have met some really on to it human 3 year olds.

Here's a point that Peter David raised.

"Graduated/paced development."

If the upper limit of their life expectancy is 300 years, and middle age is there for 100 to 200, then adult prime is 50 - 100, and adolescence 25 to 50, which means that childhood should be the first 25 years of their life before they begin to look like a human 10 year old.

Which is logical, but doesn't track with the available evidence on hand.
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