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Re: To the Trek Lit Community

I agree with some of the other posters: in that other thread you were just posting links, as far as I could tell, and not really expressing yourself well. I admit I didn't follow any of these links, I just skimmed the thread trying to figure out what the heck happened.

If you had explained yourself in that thread like you did in this post, it probably still wouldn't have changed anyone's minds, but maybe it would have come across better? Your post here made more sense to me than anything I saw from you in that thread, but then I'm not really versed on the subject.

(I'm pretty conservative and don't have much use for feminists, but I certainly wouldn't pick a fight with them on the Internet, either. )

Personally I avoid non-Trek discussion on the boards here. (This thread being the rare exception.) I come here to discuss Star Trek and have fun. I don't even go into any of the other boards anymore, the Trek Lit board is my favorite. It just seems like the people here are more respectful of other posters, and the level of discussion is higher than the rest of the boards or internet as a whole.

Topics like religion or politics are better discussed in person, in my opinion, with people that you have a personal relationship with rather than random strangers on the internet. Its too easy to dehumanize the people on the other side of the keyboard, and blow things all out of proportion.

Even just discussing Star Trek books, sometimes I get frustrated with the board and have to take a long break. So, I do understand.

Hopefully you'll come back some day when you've gotten some perspective. You could do what I do and just stick to the Trek Lit board.
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