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Re: Movie Caption Contest #236: Go, go, go!

LaForge: "I see your problem. Your constipation subroutine is stuck in a feedback loop."
Data: "You can tell that by physically examining my circuits?"
LaForge: "Ya got me. I haven't a clue. As far as I know, you pulled a face and the wind changed. I suggest you get used to looking like a dork."

Spock: "Aw shit. I dropped a quarter. I ain't gonna see that again."

McCoy: "Well Saavik, you better get down to sickbay. I'll give you a broad spectrum antibiotic."
Saavik: "I do not understand."
McCoy: "You were in a lift with him for ten minutes, right?"
Saavik: "Yes."
McCoy: "He offered to demonstrate a docking manoever, right?"
Saavik: "Yes... Oh..."
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