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Inside Star Trek: The Real Story just says that NBC wasn't crazy about any of the actors in the first pilot except for Hunter and Nimoy. There's no mention of Goodwin and Nimoy being the actors the network okayed to advance to the second pilot. On the contrary, Solow recalls a meeting with Mort Werner where the NBC Programming VP said, "We also think you can do better with the ship's doctor, the yeoman, and other members of the crew" (P.60).

I'm also skeptical of the claim (from the Goodwin interview in Drive-In Dream Girls) that "after the pilot was complete, it was shown to all three networks, who passed on it. NBC, though, thought it had potential..." (P.41). There's no mention at all in the Solow/Justman book about showing the program to ABC or CBS; this wouldn't really make sense, since NBC financed much of it, and CBS had already passed on the series during a pitch meeting.
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