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Re: Vorik the Ponfarr Vulcan

The strange thing is that Spock says that they did the betrothal ceremony when they were both 7 years old, but he's two years older than T'Pring by the time they try to get married... How did he gain two years?

Tuvok gained seven months in gravity when he was in the time warped sink hole which is going to completely put him out of sorts with his wife when he gets back... Will they need a full recommitment ceremony in a church with bells and shit or can they get'er dunn in a Doctor's office?

You're not counting the zero year as being a year of their adult life. It's not puberty, wait seven years PONFARR... It's PUBERTY/PONFARR double whammy, apologise for seven years to every one that saw something they shouldn't have, and then the second pon farr is close to or just after 20.


Why was Alexander playing "Third Malon Engineer" in Juggernaut?


I wonder if when Alexander Enberg googles himself, if he also googles "Vorrik" to see if people are still talking about him? ...Because he is going to find this thread.
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