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Re: College: Gender Studies

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rejection of feminism always boils down to 'you don't think women should be equals and feminism scares my insecurities'. you can link as much as you want but the opinion you're pushing is pathetic.
The exact sort of irrational, hateful ad hominem pointless response to be expected from a feminist.

Let me put it to you: feminism is an intellectually bankrupt, dangerously hateful ideology that is causing widespread damage to Western society through its projection of an irrational ideological platform into all levels of academia, law, and government. Responses among much of the populace to matters concerning gender are made in terms of adherence to assumptions based in decades of misinformation, ideological distortions and unscholarly behaviour. I am one of those tired and angry of seeing such remain unchallenged. The responsibility is yours - the responsibility to research, to question, to look where people are pointing to offer you a view different to that you currently hold. But instead you will insist that I "hate women", a most ludicrous and offensive argument.

Why don't you read through the introductory materials I've linked, unlearn a few assumptions about how the world works and has worked and then you'll be better prepared to comprehend why I'm warning someone away from this line of - I use the term loosely - "study".
Because if those links were printed out on paper, I'd use them to line my birdcage.
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