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Re: Rugby Union 2013 Thread

Definitely an exciting finish in the Rebel's match. Only watched that last 5 minutes and jumped in just as the Highlanders got a penalty to move 4 ahead. I think it was for someone being offside during a kick from the 22, which if they lost was a very poor way to lose a game. Nice way for the Rebels to end given how many people are leaving. Delve will be missed. He might not have been spectacular often, but he was solid and a decent leader. Couldn't have been easy with the "stars" egos he faced with Danny Cipriani then followed by the "two amigos", O'Connor and Beale.

The Rebels also stated that they aren't going to try to stop Beale leaving. A bit surprised after the O'Connor news, but it looks like they are serious about fixing and improving the club culture. They might be in for a bit more short term pain, but credit for them to looking out for the entire team.

I also didn't see Beale at the Rebels game last night. These guys were his teammates and the amount of shit he's put them through they deserved to be shown a bit of respect by him. I might have missed him, but if he wasn't there that is quite a pathetic thing to do and speaks a lot about his character.

ANyway, looking forward to tonight. Hope the Tahs can win despite missing quite a number of players and of course I'm hoping the Brumbies win and the Chiefs and/or Bulls lose so that the Brumbies end up 1st or 2nd.
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