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Re: DS9 Caption Contest 78; Blind Faith

"The Emissary of the Prophets starts each day by pulling the underwear out of his crack and performing before the bare spaceport window no less than fifty nude jumping jacks to the tune of 'Countin' Flowers on the Wall' by the Andorian Statler Brother Experience. He breaks his fast on fried Cornish game hen and washes it down with a room temperature Fanta Zero. His favorite flavor: 'purple'."


Fuckin' A.

Quark: Dax had me arrested because I stood outside her quarters holding up a boombox.

Odo: No, she had you arrested because you were playing "Mmm Bop."

Kira: Oh, are you starting to regenerate?
Odo: No, why?
Kira: Never mind.

Quark: That reminds me, Space Mart is having a sale on alien anal probes.

Jules: Do you know why Worf is so famous Miles?
Miles: He keeps making headlines.
Worf: I will kill you where you stand.
Miles: Oh give it a rest you big poof.

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