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Re: Anybody else dislikes Genghis Khan from Savage Curtain

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Mao Zedong led the revolution to free China from horrible oppression and corruption, but ended up committing even worse oppression and establishing a system that had no mechanism for preventing corruption.
Mao NEVER 'liberated' China into anything or for anything but his own lust for power; he was not a communist or a socialist, but a Stalinist, and his system was only slightly better than the Kim dynasty that has run North Korea into the ground and his master Stalin's rule. Any 'socialism' he knew was just platitudes he mouthed. China may not have been better under the Nationalists, but it wasn't anything like what wen on under Mao & Co. (please read Mao: The Unknown Story for more.

Really, that should've been the lesson for Kirk to teach the Excalbians -- that good and evil are not permanent alignments or inborn character traits, but choices that every individual, every culture, faces. The Kirk of the first couple of seasons would've made a speech about how we all have the capacity for both good and evil within us, that it's not a battle of one faction versus another but a battle we wage within ourselves everyday to prevail over our darker natures. Which is a lesson that Surak could've certainly gotten behind.
All true and a great summation, but this episode was in the third season and was shit, like half of the season .
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