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Re: Vorik the Ponfarr Vulcan

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I somehow feel unsatisfied with the unhappy ending for this guy. Although he acted weird, it was due to a hormonal imbalance. I feel that after B'Elanna beat him up, someone should have helped him. Also, how old was he? I was under the impression (that because Vulcans live a long time) that they reach Pon Farr in their 60-70s? Poor Vorik looks to be in his 20s.
Pon farr strikes first at puberty. Which could be anything from 7 to 14 years of age, and then flares up like clockwork every 7 years after that. Ipso facto, this was either Vorrik's third or fourth pon farr. Vulcan children/babies are betrothed, psychically locking these infants into biological imperatives which stops ugly virgins from dying out.

Of course does that mean that you can only pair Vulcan children of almost exactly the same age? Or are their pon farr's "synced" by the telepathic betrothal... Or do the girls and both have their own Pon Far where the other party is expected to bite down on a pillow, grin and bare it, aware if they can stomach it through this for the person they are committed to that in a year or two they'll do it for them too no matter how disgusting it gets? According to Memory Alpha, Spock was two years older than T'pring.

Arranged marriages mean dowries. After the smoke settled from Amok Time, can you imagine Sarek kicking the shit out half the planet until he got back whatever land and tithes he had handed over for that little twit T'Pring to submit to his mongrel son? I overstate the racism to explain that Spock must have been a difficult sell, and Sarek might have had to "pay" 3 or 4 times what other father's of pure blooded Vulcan children might have to pony up for a classy betrothal.

(Wait? Who pays? Parents of the bride, or parents of the husband?)

The formality of the arranged marriage we saw might have been just because Spock was practically Vulcan Royalty, which is why his "wife" was forced to commit to a halfblood alien freak she had no care for, when since they were both 30ish in Amok time, and we had seen Spock go through Pon Far as a child in Search for Spock.

Prostitution. Although in Alien Nation, they crouched this sort of thing in religion to make it less seedy. But really can you imagine your parents pushing a 12 year old version of you around your school asking all the other kids if they wanted to go behind the bikesheds with you before your brain explodes and you die? "Please fuck my kid, please." You can't trust tweens to sort this out by themselves, and it's wrong for adults to tell children when and where to become sexually active with whom. The parents probably have a buddy system where they frak each others kids.

Really though if masturbation works, I don't see how this would get anywhere near life threatening for a thirteen year old boy.

But what about the telepathic link? The link that drew Spock from the other side of the universe to get some? The link Vorrik generated within B'Elanna, that only made her super horny and equally as rapey without actually tethering her to any affection with Vorrik?

In cut scenes that were filmed and do exist, Savvik was knocked up by Spock, and we can see her swollen belly as she waves goodbye to the HMS Bounty on it's way back to Earth to face court martial, and then in the Novels Spock and Savvik were married long after the movies finished where young Lieutenant Picard did eventually attend in witness.

One problem is, how communicable is the telepathic link? If B'Elanna, despite being telepathically dormant, could spread it too, or if Vorrik went on to plan B and tried to link with more woman... Military discipline on Voyager could have quickly degenerated into a huge orgy.

This wasn't Vorrik's first rodeo, he's not an innocent, he's an idiot.
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