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Re: Pacific Rim - Grading and Discussion

Utterly fantastic movie. Despite the genre it's in, this movie still made Tranformers look like a kiddie flick. There are a bunch of characters that you care about, and even the scientific mumbo jumbo plays out as believable within that world. But let's get to it, if I didn't know before, this movie confirms I'm a techno-freak...the sheer size, movement, sophistication of the machinery in this film is mind-blowing. From articulated pilot waldoes, to holographic cockpits, to pistons, ports, and bolts moving in every direction this movie was a delight to behold. It's all those animated giant robot movies fused into one. I kept expecting cringe-worthy moments: bad acting, bad dialogue, stupid leaps in logic, there just were none. It's the best acted and finely crafted monster movie ever, and gives many a pretentious, non-monster/giant robot scifi movie a run for their money. Without a doubt, an A+. Aside from 4 Star Trek movies, this will be the first time I see a movie in the theater twice. I'll be going again Sunday.

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