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Re: ENT Forum Get To Know You Thread Pt 2


Long time Scott Bakula fan here, going way back to the days of Quantum Leap. (Anyone remember the other Mission Impossible show that debuted then? Good stuff. And I'm off topic already.)

A bit about me...I'm an avid Star Wars / Star Trek / Doctor Who fan who admittedly is not terribly knowledgable on Enterprise...the series lost me in first run around the second or third episode of the second season. I've since been wanting to go back and finish the series off several times, but to be honest some of the Enterprise forum had scared me off of it. Not because you are bad chaps and lasses mind you...but because of how vehemenetly you all hated the ending. And by all accounts the last season had really picked up. So knowing that i was most likely going to be angry as well, I've avoided it. Seeing & reading about episodes like In a Mirror Darkly & the Xindi arc or the Borg episode make me remember my vow back when I left Enterprise the first time that I would watch it one day the way it was meant to be: on HD DVD with no commercials, stereo surround sound, and a ton of popcorn. I have to admit I felt quite guilty when it was cancelled...I swear I always intended to watch the show. But something just didn't keep bringing me back to it week after week.

Well no longer damn it. I've recently returned to another fandom that I had felt burned by long ago: the X-Men. Now I loved the movies, don't get me wrong. But I used to collect X-Men comics for years until some of the oversaturation of the 90s just killed them for me. So, since I've taken the X-Men back (the Whedon run is amazing, and I'm eagerly awaiting cracking over Christopher Moore's new X-Men novel) Anyhows, I know that the Trip thing has been resolved in a new novel, and since the novels are what brought me back into the Star Trek fold. Greener pastures such as Buffy, Stargate, Doctor Who, & Battlestar Galactica sprang up to take it's place.

The reviews for Last Full Measure have prompted me to pick it up as my first Enterprise novel, and my first foray back into the Faith of the Heart-a-verse since I left so long ago. I look forward to chatting with you all about this show, and possibly seeing what all the hubbub is about when it comes to some of the hotly debated topics in here.

Cheers. :thumbsup:
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