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Re: Star Trek Into Darkness out on Blu-ray/DVD September 10th

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I don't know, the whole thing made Abrams and his gang look like petulant five year olds. "I know a secret and I'm not telling."
I disagree. Sometimes part of being creative is that you don't want to spoil all of your surprises or that you just want everything to be fresh. That's not childish at all, it's just part of wanting to make an impactful presentation. Maybe the way they went about it was a little weird though.
Don't you think it is more a matter of whether the payoff is worth it? I mean, I can see why Fincher didn't want the weird Tyler Durden reveal publicized before FIGHT CLUB came out, because a good hunk of his audience hadn't read the novel. But that's keeping a secret for a difference that MAKES a difference, whereas this is ... just gimmicky, maybe?
Totally. They wanted to do a mind blowing twist but forgot that in order to do it you can't draw any attention to it or shine any light on it. Instead they light up an entire city block in flashing neon lights and tried to say "nothing to see here folks."
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