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Re: The Walking Dead

I've no problem with S4 spoilers/discussion.

On the marathon last weekend I enjoyed some of the BTS stuff with Kevin Smith (even if some of it was sort of spoilery to someone who hadn't seen S3 yet but spoilers rarely bug me.)

I doubt the bandanna mask is any indication of harm coming to Daryl. As a general rule on TV they don't like covering actors faces/mouths. Not sure what the new threat with the zombies/Walkers could be but hopefully it'll be something that makes sense and comes naturally and not that all of the zombies suddenly develop a new ability or something.

I DO hope the show movies around more out and away from the prison and off to see more of the country to see what else is going on out there. Some of the best scenes in the series have been when the characters were outside of the camp/farmhouse of OH MY GOD MAKE IT END!!! and prison.

Which is really silly. Makes me think much of TWD audience is a bunch of kids. I heard they actually took and released pictures of the two actors being friendly towards each other, to bring down the hate.
And Andrea shooting Daryl was by and large an accident. Sure Shane said he was going to handle it, Hershel had said he didn't want guns used on his property/wanted to handle the Walkers and she fired when it should have been clear to her Rick, Shane and the others had stood down their defenses and were talking to the zombie. With the sun in her scope she hardly was in a good position to fire.

But the bullet just grazed Daryl and he was more injured by his time in the ravine than Andrea's stupid shot.

I do think the "redemption of Merle" worked pretty well in S4 and made his change more impactful and well reacted by Daryl.
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