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Re: Which Topic Should Have Been Explored Further

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I'd like to know more about the orbs, and how they work. I also wish we got to know more about the origin of the wormhole aliens/prophets, how and why they constructed the wormhole, where they lived before that, what their obsession with Bajor is all about.
As the Prophets are non-linear, it's likely they've always existed in the Celestial Temple. Why the Temple manifests as a wormhole for the purposes of interacting with our universe isn't clear, but there's no reason to believe the Prophets would have lived anywhere else. They're non-corporeal entities, so normal rules of existence don't apply to them.

As for how the orbs work, that depends partly on what each orb is designed to do. That they're each encased in a weird box doesn't mean that they can be manipulated or used in the same way by whomever is accessing them.

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