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Re: The Walking Dead

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I look forward to S4, but hope to see more stuff with zombies and survival and not season-long arcs dealing with psychos like The Governor. Glad to see Maggie sticking around.

I knew Lori died this season but was surprised to see it happen so early in the season and afterwards knew it'd push Rick more into the Dark Side, which he comes back from by the end by welcoming in other survivors.

And I know it's a production/mood thing but the survivors could at least buy some paint and spruce up the dull gray walls of the prison a bit, make it look more livable!

And, probably little surprose, Daryl is my favorite character, man can rock a crossbow, that's for sure!
You should check out the Walking Dead comics if you like the show. They have mostly the same cast, but the plots are quite different along with what happens to certain characters. The first two Walking Dead compendiums have been released, each compendium collects about 50 issues.

I find the most interesting part about the show to be its prison setting right now. Pretty different from the farmhouse and mall location of iconic zombie fiction.

Not surprised you think Daryl is cool. His fanbase has really grown over the years.
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