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Re: Klingon-Federation War of 2372-3

^Having given further thought to this matter, there's a line from "Yesterday's Enterprise" that's always puzzled me. I'm referring to Tasha Yar's statement that the Enterprise-D "was the first Galaxy-class ship built by the Federation." That can't be, can it?

I'm assuming that the line was included by mistake, but suppose it wasn't. Does this mean that the naming schemes for vessels are different in this timeline? Does it mean that the USS Galaxy was partially constructed but abandoned in favor of Enterprise?

In any case, there's no way to know exactly when the Galaxy-class ships were first put into service: assuming that they would have been space-ready at the same point that they were in the primary universe isn't something that can be proven one way or the other. My point in saying this is reiterate that we must consider the events of the alternate timeline independently of those happening in the primary timeline when trying to determine who would prevail in a military conflict, especially when we don't have enough information about one of the timelines.

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