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Re: Star Trek III - great rewatch value

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Don't forget John Laroqette from "Night Court" as Maltz. Near the end when Kirk and co beam up to the BoP by tricking Maltz. Scotty and Chekov try to engage the warp drive but don't know how. Kirk orders Maltz to tell them how to engage engines and threatens to kill him. Maltz refuses: "I do not deserve to live." Kirk: "Fine. I'll kill you later."
I am a big fan of John Laroqette in Night Court and I never realized that was him as Maltz!

I too enjoy ST III. I know it supposedly follows the odd-numbered movie curse, so for many years I always felt like I was supposed to dislike it for this reason. But when I gained the maturity in life to have the courage to like/dislike things because of my own preferences, rather than what was vogue, I could never find a reason to dislike the film. As others have pointed out II, III, and IV make a great stand-alone trilogy to watch together as a marathon, and it's fairly easy so to do. You don't know how many times I put on II to just watch the opening scene and then find myself 5 hours later having rewatched these three films.
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