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That would only happen if Equinox attacked the Array for some reason.

Ransom doesn't have the balls to put that much meat on his plate.
Possible, but one would think a mistake like that would be airlines sending baggage to the wrong city, loading it on the wrong plane, and in Equinox's place would've been some other aliens.

I always felt what Ransom said couldn't be taken at face value (just like George from "Think Tank", who was trying to sell Janeway on the scam they were more benevolent than they were) because the Equinox crew were paranoid and suspicious of how their activities would be seen by a Starfleet ship which is still acting like they're in a little Alpha Quadrant bubble. It seems a likely answer...
"How did you get this far?"
"Uh... wormholes. Yeah... wormholes".
Maybe he did, maybe he didn't. We can't be entirely sure.
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