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Re: Ant-Man: Info, Pics, Rumors, Casting and Details till release

Here's probably the thing Marvel is jizzing themselves over as far as Antman is concerned... Unentangled rights.

They have to go to yoga three days a week for a year before they dare even consider undertaking a new Spider-Man project.

but this?


It's good to go.

Although there is the future to consider... If Marvel is brave, they are not going to make an Antman II, if the first movie makes a shit load of money... Instead they should make Giantman, and if Giantman also makes a lot of money, if Marvel is still brave enough to run away from the comfortability of brand recognition, the Sequel to Giantman is Goliath, and then the sequel to Goliath is Yellow Jacket... Would they really dare make a movie called "Doctor Pym the Scientific Adventurer"?

Who laughed at Pym's forray into transexuality, in honour of his dead wife, when he took on the identity of the Wasp briefly?
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