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Re: Pacific Rim - Grading and Discussion

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Don't you usually post these threads months in advance?
Sometimes an entire year.

Gojira wrote: View Post
Why are you surprised it is getting good ratings?
Because it looked like a forgetable summer movie with robots and special effects. It didn't look bad necessarily, it just didn't look all that earth-shattering. I figured I might check it out.

Well, I've seen it and I'm giving it an A.

I loved it. It was a nice to see a live action anime with with all the requisite characters. We had the young hero, the hardcore captain/general, the pretty girl, the com guy and some comic relief with our wacky scientists and an opportunistic business man in a gaudy outfit. Throw in some mecha and Godzilla done right and you've got a complete package. And more than that, it told a complete story without trying to set up multiple sequels. I just read that it was del Toro's intention to bring the genre to the big screen and I think he did well by packing a lot into two hours. What remains to be seen is how well this does financially. I wouldn't mind seeing other movies made like this. I also read that he wanted something to counteract the current dark and cynical trend, and I'm sorry to hear that since I like the trend, but this managed to be fun without being too light, so points there too.

Aldo wrote: View Post
I can't say that this is the best movie of the summer, cause of course that's entirely subjective. I will say it's my favorite movie of the summer so far.
As good as this was, I'm still putting Man of Steel at the top of my list. I think Pacific Rim is being better received because it doesn't have to live up to any expectations.

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…as far as plot goes, there were so many times where stuff kinda didn't make sense but was so awesome you overlooked it.
Yeah, I suppose you could nitpick the logic behind using giant robots to fight monsters as well as why they need two pilots in a mind meld, but the concept is fun and you find yourself more accepting as the movie progresses.

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My partner loved that too and grabbed my arm and just started saying, "VOLTRON! That's like VOLTRON!!!"
I thought of Voltron too.
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