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Re: What does 'nu' mean?

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Again, any "Alternate Universe/Reality" labels will only work in the short term, until someone starts up another alternate Trek continuity.
I don't see the problem with this. We'll manage that when we get to it.
I'm not saying it's a problem. It's just not what I'm looking for. The specific thing I'm wondering, as I've already explained, is what a more timeless, long-term designation might be.

I understand the desire to create a classification system that is all-powerful and all-encompassing. I really do. But it just isn't possible. The classification we have now is already fraught with anomalies and alterations.

TOS is actually called just Star Trek, so TOS is just sort of a glorified nickname;
TNG refers to it status as sequel of the first series, but it's inherently bound to obsolescence: what about the next next generation?
DS9 unlike any other, has a number in it. why not DSN?
VOY and ENT aren't really acronyms, just shorthands.

I mean, where is the coherence? The robustness of it? The 3-letter rule seems the only constant here.
But it's not about individual series, it's about the universes they inhabit. Bad Robot has given us this nice, handy label for the original continuity, the Prime Universe. Which is a fairly nice parallel for the name of other continuing timeline we have in Trek, the Mirror Universe. I'd just like to have a similarly straightforward and effective label for the third enduring reality that's now been introduced, one that won't become obsolete when a fourth one comes along.

And really, I don't understand why some people have gotten the idea that this is a search for acronyms. I'm looking for actual words.

But I'm just playing with ideas. I'm just wondering, or wishing. If you don't want to play the game, fine, no harm, no foul. But I'm still looking for what I'm looking for.
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