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Re: MAN OF STEEL - Grading & Discussion

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Besides the story problems, I just didn't believe that Henry Cavill was Superman.
Funny. He's the only actor to play the part that I COULD believe was Superman.
Don't get me wrong, Cavill was good. The effects were great. I just didn't believe all the primal screams and angst and stuff. He was playing Superman, but I didn't think he owned it. I didn't believe that he was Superman.

The story was ... not right. I just didn't get it. The movie left me empty.

In contrast, back in 1978 Christopher Reeve owned that role. He made me believe a man could fly.
Yeah, I think I'm the opposite. Even as a kid in 1978, Reeve never struck me as anything more than an actor in a he was too small for no matter how much he tried to muscle up.

As an adult, I have a hard time watching the Superman parts of the '78 movie, but really enjoy everything from Krypton right up till he put's on the suit. Some really nice stuff there.

The first movie was the myth of Superman realized. MoS is Superman realized IMO.
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