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Re: First details of nuKhan prequel comic

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which felt like a backdoor out for the writers incase they changed their mind about his identity.
And what's so wrong with that?

Had they not done so, we'd have just as many complaints that the writers could have left themselves a "backdoor out". If only they'd done that, everyone would have been happy.

Was there really a need to read all four issues of "Nero" before the 2009 movie came out? Of course not. Remember that less than 1% of the audience will buy the tie-in comics anyway. Coming out after the film, the IDW writers were able to adapt the Klingons' footage that had been tossed into the bonus scenes of the DVD, and highlight aliens we'd barely glimpsed in the movie. Lots of stuff that would bog us down with details before seeing the movie.

Can you imagine film goers saying, "You mean I was supposed to read a comic - over the last four months - before seeing this movie? Is it for sale in the foyer? Do I have time before the film starts?"

Along the same line, was there really a need to read all six issues of "Khan" before STiD came out? Of course not. We, some of the 1%, probably already know Greg Cox's version of events, and now there's a new interpretation. Supposedly only part of the upcoming IDW effort is set during the "Eugenics War(s)". There will also be scenes with Admiral Marcus. Again, material we'd didn't need to know to enjoy a two-hour movies. Which parts did you feel you needed to know before seeing the movie?

It is possible some fans will pick up the "Khan" mini-series and read it before watching STiD on free-to-air TV.
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