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Just finished Carey's novelization of Descent. Does anybody know why that episode warranted a novelization instead of BOBW? Seems like a strange choice.
BOBW was the first TNG-era 2-parter other than "Encounter at Farpoint." Apparently it wasn't until later that they became enough of a successful thing that the publisher realized there'd be a market for novelizing them. We got novelizations of plenty of later 2-hour or longer stories, including "Unification," "Descent," "All Good Things...," "Emissary," "The Search," "The Way of the Warrior," the 6th-season DS9 Dominion War arc, "What You Leave Behind," "Caretaker," "Equinox," and "Endgame," as well as a few 1-hour episodes like "Relics," "Trials and Tribble-ations," "Flashback," and "Day of Honor." But BOBW came along before the practice got underway. There was no novelization of "Redemption" or "Time's Arrow" either.
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