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Re: Multiple Choice Vote for your favorite Batman and Bruce Wayne

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Harvey and Talia are different. Batman tackled Harvey Dent to prevent him from killing a child it just so happened that tackle resulted in Harvey falling off Unguarded Contstruction Site 272-A and supposedly dying.
That's still killing him, though, which was my point. When you tackle someone off the edge of a construction site at that height and they're completely unprotected in any way, you're making the choice to potentially kill them.

The Joker even says outright in the film that he expects to see Batman break his "one rule", and the end of the film pays this off.

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(Argument "could" be made he could have survived and his "death" was part of the cover-up.)
That argument was on dubious ground to begin with, and with the release of TDKR it was fully extinct. Much like Harvey.

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Talia is sort of in the same route, she died by the circumstances she was in, it was a crash in which she suffered fatal injuries.
So she died from bad driving? And I take it the truck driver died from heart failure, as opposed to the explosive rounds being fired in his general direction?
You get hurt, hurt 'em back. You get killed, walk it off.
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