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Re: First details of nuKhan prequel comic

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What an utterly generic cover. Minus out the branding and you could slap just about any title on that book. Jack Ryan, Bourne? Etc, etc.
Maybe that's the point of that style of cover -- to suggest a particular genre. Maybe it shows that they're taking a spy-thriller route with the story. In which case it's informative.

Maybe they'll shock us with a surprise revelation, though. I still note no one actually uses Khan's full name except for Spock Prime which felt like a backdoor out for the writers incase they changed their mind about his identity.
No, it felt like the writers referring to him the way he's almost always been referred to. In "Space Seed," he avoided using his full name because he wanted to conceal his identity, but that's been overlooked in later works; fandom knows him as Khan, so the movies call him Khan. There's no deeper meaning to it than just giving the audience what they expect to hear.
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