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Re: Changing the status quo - Good or Bad?

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I suppose they're kind of trapped by their own title, though. They're pretty much obligated to tell stories about interstellar war, so that limits their options.
I've seen you wite this sentiment before, and I don't think this is at all true. Or fair. Isn't that like saying the only stories you could do with Star Trek would be about exploration or traveling somewhere? Obviously, not all Trek stories have been that.

Just because a story is set in the Star Wars universe does not require it to be a war story. Off the top of my head, you've got Spinter of the Mind's Eye, the Lando Calrissian novels, and any number of short stories that have been published that were not stories about the rebellion. Sure, it was there in the background, but the stories themselves were not "war stories" per se. The same way that not every episode of MASH was a "war story" despite having the Korean War as a backdrop.

There is a vast variety of stories that could be told in the SW universe, just as there are in the ST universe.

That being said - I think you could probably write some really good stuff set in the SW universe if you gave it a chance.
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