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Re: Daniel Craig and Sam Mendes confirmed for Bond 24

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Teh Craig era Bond films did seem to be doing a bit of creating the Bond universe or rather re-creating. As you said Moneypenny, M's new office which has echos of the earlier ones.
The Craig films are re-molding the Bond ethos into something that more closely resembles the James Bond of the books.

Casino Royale is a near perfect adaptation of the book of the same name, minus the added subplot of Bond gaining his 00 status and Le Chifre's plot to blow up the airliner (necessary expansions to make the film more cinematic).

The Realist wrote: View Post
As a lifelong Bond fan, I wish I could be excited by this, but after Skyfall I've been forced to admit that Daniel Craig is never going to be my James Bond. Why the ultimate male wish-fulfillment character has been turned into this sullen, joyless, eternally-burdened fellow, who seems always to be having a miserable time of it, is a mystery to me. Even the sex scenes have become grudging and perfunctory, as if showing Bond taking any pleasure in life at all is now verboten.
This is actually a perfect example of how Craig's Bond resembles the Bond of the books. James Bond was never meant to be this awesome guy, he has always been "On Her Majesty's Secret Service", a government agent who does everything for the Crown. He's not supposed to enjoy life; no one should ever enjoy killing for a living. He's an assassin, but it's what he's paid to do. The books even describe how he's not supposed to fall in love, because that creates attachments that can be used against you. When he does fall in love, it bites him in the ass, and he learns a lesson. In Casino Royale, the line "the bitch is dead" is a direct lift from the book, where he realizes he was fooled by love but as a spy he's not allowed that luxury.
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