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Re: Why does the Filet O Fish have cheese?

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I was referring more to a fast food restaurant's ability to store, handle & prepare seafood properly
You know there are fast food restaurants that only do seafood?
Too true. Long John Silvers for one, though all the ones around here are paired with an A&W, KFC or another Pepsico brand. And I love LJS fish & chicken.

Where I've actually gotten food poisoning from is Popeye's & Pizza Hut. Not sure if I've ever tried the McD's fish sandwich.
I worked at both McD's and Pizza Hut in high school, back in the dark ages.

All the food was delivered frozen, to ensure uniformity and price point, I'm sure. The exception was the pizza crusts at the Hut which were made fresh every day. But that was then.

It wouldn't surprise me if nowadays the McD fish is partially or even fully cooked before being frozen to avoid the gastric anomalies.
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