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Re: Multiple Choice Vote for your favorite Batman and Bruce Wayne

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Michael Keaton also won my Batman vote regardless that he's the only batman that killed people.
Bale's Batman killed:

* Ra's al Ghul ( hairsplitting aside )
* Harvey Dent
* Talia ( essentially ) and the truck driver
Ra's I agree, Harvey and Talia are different. Batman tackled Harvey Dent to prevent him from killing a child it just so happened that tackle resulted in Harvey falling off Unguarded Contstruction Site 272-A and supposedly dying. (Argument "could" be made he could have survived and his "death" was part of the cover-up.)

Talia is sort of in the same route, she died by the circumstances she was in, it was a crash in which she suffered fatal injuries.

Talia and Dent weren't "active kills" they were attacks or actions that resulted in a death. It sucks, sure, but it's a whole lot different that what happened Ra's. In that case Batman made a CHOICE to kill someone, or let them get lead into a death. Ra's was incapacitated by and large and his plan was going to fail. Batman had won, all he had to do was take Ra's out of the train with him and let the police take it from there. "I won't kill you, but I won't save you" is a shitty cop out. Batman made a CHOICE there to kill someone. It wasn't a "kill or be killed/let someone else be killed" situation it wasn't a situation where quick action needed to take place that happened to result in a death. This was Batman ELECTING to kill someone, or have them die. That's very, very, different.
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