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Re: Scotty and his military comment

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I mention this because it's a two way street and not as clear cut as you have been implying so far.
Actually it is. Starfleet has uniforms, weapons, a chain and command and conducts war. It meets all of the criteria defining a military organization.

Your focus on "charter" is irrelevant and superfluous. A military can be a state military, private military or revolutionary (stateless) military. This assumption you keep championing for your basic premise is false. Any organization can become a military by meeting the above criteria. The Secret Service was never chartered as a protection service (it was limited to financial crimes) but you can't say they aren't such an organization now. And if they ever start participating in combat operations they will then be defined as a military. An organization's origins is only important to you, it is not a defining trait by any standard convention.

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