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Re: Are there any other ships with a letter?

See, the thing is, we should assume that every ship in Starfleet has some kind of illustrious history that is worthy of preserving. Therefore, every ship would carry the registry of its namesake, with a letter. But then if every ship's name has some history behind it, why honor any of them? If they're all special, then they're all equal, too. Why give Enterprise or Defiant a special place in the books? How many times did the crew of the Farragut or the Intrepid save the universe? Maybe as many times as any Enterprise did.

Honoring the Enterprise name is a bone to the fans, but the general populace of the UFP or the top brass of Starfleet shouldn't think anything more of a hull with Enterprise painted on it than they should of a hull with Pansy painted on it.
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