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Re: Stargate SG-1 - First time viewing of whole series

Big batch here so I may keep my summaries smaller than I have at times.

9x9-Prototype: So Anubis is planning to be reborn and is doing that in a manner similar to Nirti. A host is taken, injected with Anubis DNA that pushes him along the evolutionary path. Is anything of the original host still there or has Anubis usurped the body entirely? I was unclear on that. I'm guessing this actor is now the "face" of Anubis? Anubis has been cloaked so long that it might make sense during his rebirth to have an actor associated visibly with the role. The decision is placed on the table that they should kill this "Anubis" knowing the danger he poses before he upgrades himself. Woolsy shows up saying that the higher ups want to study him. Foolish choice cause "Anubis" is evolving to beat you the longer he's alive and aware. Anubis escapes as his power grows but he's not fully all powerful, he can only focus on thing at a time it seems. As he attempts to escape via the Gate he is distracted on one side, on the other Mitchell is able to shoot him and take him down.

9x10-The Fourth Horseman pt.1: An SG team returns from an offworld undercover op to report that another planet has fallen to the Ori and adopted Origin. Unknown to the soldiers they have brought in a trojan horse virus from the Ori which is missed on their medical evaluation. A few leave the base and in time a global pandemic sets in. Mid episode Carters old Ancient flame Orlin appears....this time as a 10-12yr old. Saying he had to appear this way to retain as much of his Ancient knowledge as possible. He thinks he can help create a cure to the Ori's virus.
To compound matters the Ori have now visited the Jaffa nation and Gertek has been not only converted but turned into a Prior himself!!

9x11-The Fourth Horseman pt.2: A plan is put into place that a sample collected from the Prior who initiated the virus brought to Earth by the away SG team could hold the key. Mitchell and the SG-1 team set out to collect that by returning to Sodan(Tony Toddy's Jaffa holdouts). They've been ordered to kill some non belivers and didn't do so. SG-1 had a device that should nullify the Priors powers but the right frequency will have to be found. Mitchell takes some punishment as Sam finally is able to block the Prior(Cig Smoking Man again) powers.
A sample is taken to Earth and Orlin is still trying his best to help. The longer he's in human form, despite his precautions, the knowledge is slipping from him.
Teal'C is trying to break through to Gerak by appealing to the man he once was.
Gerak has a breakthrough while at the SGCC and heals the whole base. That combined with Orlin's work is what allows a cure to be found.
Orlin ends up with, apparently, amnesia after the events and will seemingly live out his life as a "regular" human. I was a bit unclear if Gerak also cured him somehow. I orig just thought Orlin was going to die from the stress of retaking human form.

9x12-Collatoral Damage: A seemingly friendly race called the Galarans are having a good First Contact with SG-1. They are willing to share their memory transfer technology with us. They adapted it from a Gou'ald device. The politics on the planet surrounding this device heat up. The creator, a lovely woman Mitchell has been having feelings for, is a civilian scientist and objects to the military application. She and Mitchell leave a party, that was on behalf of an Earth/Galaran treaty(?) deal, and return to her place. Next thing we see is Mitchell being arrested for her murder. Not the most enjoyable of episodes as you can figure the whole thing out the moment the murder happens.

9x13-Ripple Effect: Kind of reminds me of the ST:TNG episode Parallels in some regard. Due to an anomaly of SG travel destinations going through the subspace area where the giant Ori Gate was destroyed leaving space/sub space affected and causing multiple SG-1 teams from across the mulit-verse to arrive at our "prime" SGC. It was a fun episode as it allowed for us to see characters like Janet Frasier return and Martouf. We do have a "bad" SG-1 team and a "good" one, ours but no goatees ever surface. Fun episode.

9x14-Stronghold: A story with a clear A & B story, not sure which was deemed most important. Mitchell has a good friend who is dying. This friend was also up for the SG slot that Mitchell eventually won. When Mitchell visits him he prods him for details, Classified or not, cause he's going to die soon anyway. Teal'c and Brat'ac are working with the Jaffa Council to push through democracy. Ba'al has been brainwashing the Jaffa leaders to push away from democracy. When key supporters abruptly change their minds Teal'C investigates. This gets him kidnapped by Ba'al. Ole Ba'al, he loves to torture doesn't he.
Mitchell borrows the mind transference device that they have from the Galarans and allows his dying friend to witness so much of what Mitchell has done the past few months. While there he gets news of Teal'C's capture. His dying friend tells him to go, "this Teal'c seems like a great, guy, alien".
Ba'al of course is defeated and the Jaffa nation avoids an early disaster.

9x15-Ethon: I'm going to start with this question? Was this not Jonas Quinns homeworld? I kept expecting him to show up or be at the least mentioned. This world has been visited by Earth before and the Gou'ald attacked, now the Ori have shown up. Promising technology to the side that accepts Origin to destroy the other. The Ori have given plans to build a satellite WMD, a spy from one side escapes with early drafts of the plan to SGC. The Prometheus is sent to destroy it but it has shields, clearly added in a later draft. Daniel Jackson and the defector, Kane return to the planet thinking they will be able to have a dialogue and instead are thrown into jail. The Prometheus is destroyed in orbit and about 75 of it's crew escape to the "good side" of this planetary civil war. I wasn't really into this episode honestly. The best part was guest star Ernie Hudson as the voice of reason on the "bad guy's" side, the military leader who's not blood thirsty like the Origin induced leader. I only wish he'd been cast as a character we might see again.
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