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Re: The ENT and Melakon

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And Melakon, you've watched the whole thing!! Well I hope we still get reviews
Yes, I intend to review them all. When I originally saw the first season in broadcast, nothing really stood out for me until 5 or 6 shows in ("Civilization") so the review for it will be along after a few.

And I thought Archer was pretty lame originally (though Bakula does real well with him), after watching the later episodes I can see how the character grows.
The thing that got me about Archer was when he was speaking to an alien on the viewscreen, he would circle the bridge kind of throwing his legs around, turn his back to the viewscreen, nod and smile at his crew a lot, and randomly emphasize words in his speeches. It was just a mannerism that seemed odd to me. But looking back again, I can see the growth and respect the character more.
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