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Re: The ENT and Melakon

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Enterprise really hit the ground running with "Broken Bow", and my memory of it is still being one of the stronger, more captivating Star Trek pilots. Some conflict between the characters and a great sense of explorers going where few humans have ever gone. It carries on strongly for a few episodes after, with the next one easily as good and after an initial mistake, some tough Kirk-like decision making from Archer to try and put things right. Enjoy that raw feeling to the show, as the novelty unfortunately wears off a bit later in the year IMO. Although coming straight from many years of watching Voyager, may account for much of my, seen this all before level of jadedness. The acting is pretty much always top notch, simply for never letting up with that wide-eyed sense of wonder about experiencing new worlds, new civilizations and the rest of original Star Trek's Final Frontier monologue.
It's definitely better than I remember it, and it's incredibly refreshing in comparison to iTrek '09. I really do get the sense they're just starting out exploring and trying it out the first time - I just started watching it again myself. Enjoy your run through!!
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