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Re: George Lucas: Star Wars stood on the shoulders of Star Trek

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Lucas and Abrams are 2 people that should both stay the fuck away from Star Trek.

They're perfect for Star Wars though.
Lucas had the vision and created a franchise that has been part of modern culture for nearly 40 years.

JJ Abrams has been at the helm of very successful TV shows and helped Star trek regain popularity and made it accessible to people who would have normally avoided it.

So what will it be? Them or some director and production team that made Trek unlikeable and embarassing like it was 12 years ago?

I agree...Lucas is not that bad, If JJ remains a producer and Lucas directs, the film will turn out fine. However I will prefer Steven Spielberg over Lucas.

Thing is this, Trek 3 needs a big director. It is basically essential to its Box Office numbers.
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