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Re: To the Trek Lit Community

I had a quick skim of the thread that I assume set you off.

Frankly you did a terrible job of explaining your viewpoint - whenever anyone asked you about any point of what you were saying, you directed them to a website or a video. When you're having a debate like that, people expect to hear your reasoning from you, not from someone else. I don't know whether you had any good points to make because you never made any by your hand! You can't really call the people you were debating with hypocritical because you never really offered debate.

It's quite surprising given your excellent posts here in treklit, but I gather from your OP you're too close to the topic at hand which can often cloud objectivity. If you're still reading this thread I'd suggest you chill out and take a second look at the thread and see if it would be possible for anyone to understand your thoughts without following your links.
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